Microtek Laboratories China Adds High-Voltage HAST CAF Test

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Microtek has added high-voltage testing capability for HAST-based CAF testing. The HAST chamber's ability to maintain 85% relative humidity at temperatures over 100°C at up to 1,000 V generates the toughest CAF test environment currently possible for base material and PCB reliability evaluation.

"We have successfully completed two high-voltage CAF tests in our HAST chambers. The automotive and transportation industries are continuing to push the limits of current test technology in an effort to further accelerate and understand the reliability of base materials and PCBs. Microtek has, at the same time, continued to invest in equipment and technology to service these demands," said Bob Neves, chairman and CTO of Microtek.

Microtek's commitment to automotive and transportation testing also includes the use of 10 thermal shock chambers equipped for single hole or daisy chain reliability testing, along with 28 humidity and HAST chambers equipped with 256 channels of CAF/ECM/SIR testing capability up to 2,000 VDC.



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