Successful Partnership Fosters Growth for Elmatica

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Tight relation between display manufacturer Riverdi and PCB broker Elmatica resulted in improved quality and an increase in sales. "We never even considered buying the PCB ourselves, the value of a knowledgeable PCB broker is priceless," says Marta Markiewicz, Sales Specialist at Riverdi.

"We are very satisfied with the service Elmatica provides, giving us the time to focus on developing new display solutions, while they complete the necessary documentation and take care of all regulations and specifications," says Aleksandara Demko, responsible for project coordination at Riverdi.

Riverdi, a leading intelligent display manufacturer, uses cutting-edge technologies to develop the best possible display solutions. Their mission is to bring high-quality customizable display solutions to everyone. All their products are designed and manufactured in Europe, with PCB delivered from printed circuit broker Elmatica.

A Playground for Perfection

"We have worked with Riverdi for some years. For them, quality is key, which suits Elmatica perfectly. Being involved early in the product development process is always an advantage, it opens up a playground for both parties involved, where design, technologies, and needs can be tested and evaluated, providing the best solutions for the product," says Country Manager Poland for Elmatica, Rafal Stankiewicz.

For Riverdi, the long experience of the printed circuit broker and the willingness to share their knowledge was crucial when selecting a partner.

Encourage Early Involvement

"At Riverdi, we prefer using a broker when purchasing PCB, having an experienced partner onboard, that has been in the industry for decades, all over the world, is for us great relief. We never even thought of changing the supplier or buying parts by ourselves. For every year passing, our relationship becomes stronger and the value of displays sold grows, which makes us both happy," says Marta Markiewicz Sales Specialist at Riverdi.

Paweł Dominik, CTO at Riverdi, encourages early involvement in display development because it provides a unique understanding of the product and the ability to rule out mistakes, poor design, and decisions at an early stage.

"Our display solutions fit into both home automation devices and industrial equipment, both industries demand high quality and reliability. We always aim for the superior, then we need partners that do the same, with Elmatica we get this," says Dominik.



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