Storz GmbH Praises Gardien’s Universal Tester

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Schaltungsdruck Storz GmbH in Kenzingen, Germany, is pleased to report that they achieved significant increase in productivity with the installation of Gardien’s KAIMA GUDAA.

This automatic Universal Grid Tester, with a grid pitch of 70mil (Double Density), achieves an efficient test throughput of 500 - 600 boards per hour.

The state-of-the-art Gardien's KAIMA test system can be easily adapted to accommodate different PCB formats and thicknesses. Due to the fine density of 200 grid points per square inch and in combination with 3.75 inch fixture, even complex printed circuit boards can be accurately tested. Higher grid densities with a pitch down to 35 mil (Octo-Density, 800 features per square inch) are available for this tester type as well. 

The automation will sort the boards, based on the test results in different locations and can create an offset of the stack at pre-set numbers to allow for easy and fast counting.

The lower pressure unit minimizes risk of pad damage and has an alignment function to respond to even a slight top-to-bottom misalignment, thus improving the overall yield.

Storz put particular focus on the possibility to use already existing single density fixtures on a new installation. As a solutions partner, Gardien also helped Storz to upgrade the work environment by adding the latest FixGenius fixture software from UCAMCO (Gardien’s sister company) which works seamlessly and also has an optional full automatic with the UCAM Cam system already in place. The latest Fault Station repair seats finalized the upgrade.

Mr. Torsten Bachmann, Managing Director of Schaltungsdruck Storz GmbH, particularly appreciates that a German-language support service is provided through the Gardien branch in Limburg, Germany. "As one of the leading PCB manufacturers in Germany, we always strive to keep our technologies up-to-date in order to ensure our product quality and delivery performance is on par with the best, even with evolving customer requirements."

Gardien Europe Director Holger Kern expressed his satisfaction with the introduction of this new generation test system for Storz circuit printing. "Both companies have been working together intensively for many years and we see ourselves determined in our strategy to secure and maintain our market leadership with innovative solutions. It will become more and more crucial in the future to design cost conscious test processes for highly complex PCBs. Gardien works today on the solutions for tomorrow."

About Gardien

The Gardien Group is the world's largest independent provider of test and quality assurance solutions to the electronic industry. From testing small batches in one of 18 locations across Asia, North America and Europe to fully integrated PCB inspection as an on-site department, the Gardien Group's over 450 employees serve customers worldwide in the automotive, defense, telecommunications and aerospace industries, medical, computer and industrial sectors.



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