EIPC Workshop on PCB Bio-MEMS

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The EIPC (European Institute for the PCB Community), in collaboration with the University of Bath, will organize a four-hour workshop on PCB Bio MEMs on June 12, 2019, at the Falkensteiner Hotel & Asia Spa Leoben in Austria.

Bio-MEMS is an abbreviation for biomedical (or biological) micro-electromechanical systems (aka lab-on-a-chip). Given the strong market demand for more BioMEM devices, the commercialization of lab-on-chip devices is currently the “holy grail of the research community.” The lab-on-PCB approach is being followed in various research groups all over Europe, owing to its inherent upscaling potential: the PCB industry is well-established all around the world, with standardized fabrication facilities and processes, but commercially exploited currently only for electronics.

In the workshop, attendees will learn the following:

  • Lab-on-chip technology, its potential and its commercialization challenges
  • PCB-based Bio-MEMs prototypes already developed by European academics
  • Competitive advantages of lab-on-PCB technology and market opportunities
  • Technical issues in PCB Bio-MEMs fabrication

Registration is open to the PCB industry and at a reduced fee to EIPC, FED and ICT members.

To register, click here.



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