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News from EIPC

- 3rd EIPC PCB Bio MEMs Workshop, June 12, 2019, Leoben

- Program Available! EIPC Summer Conference Leoben, June 13–14, 2019

- What’s New In Electronics—EIPC PCB Pavilion, PODs Available

Electronics Industry News

- China Start-Up Undercuts Samsung, Huawei Foldables

- Worker Shortages Plague EU Electronics OEMs

News from Germany

- Schweizer Releases Annual Results

News from Taiwan

- ITEQ Corp. and COM.INT.EL Announce IT-170GRA1 Laminate and Prepregs Available in Europe

News from the UK 

- Semiconductor Packaging Workshop, June 6, 2019, Newport Wafer Fab, Newport

News from the USA

News from the USA 

- Isola Appoints Sean Mirshafiei as New Chief Sales and Marketing Officer 

News from WECC Members

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Isola Executive Vice Chairman and Acting CEO Travis Kelly on the Upcoming Year

02/26/2019 | Nolan Johnson and Barry Matties, I-Connect007
Isola Executive Vice Chairman and Acting CEO Travis Kelly discusses the recent milestones for the company, including the leadership transition. Travis also outlines his agenda for the upcoming year and gives an update on Isola’s new facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Jeff Waters: Isola Updates

11/08/2018 | Nolan Johnson and Barry Matties, I-Connect007
During PCB West 2018, Nolan Johnson and Barry Matties sat down with Jeff Waters, Isola CEO, to catch up on company activities, including the recent sale of the factory in Chandler, Arizona, the plan to build a new facility, product developments, current market dynamics, a new CFO, and much more.

Building a Better Board: It Always Comes Back to Communication

09/24/2018 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
For our experts meeting on the August’s theme of reliability, we reached out to Colonial Circuits and asked them to participate in a conference call with our I-Connect007 editorial team consisting of Dan Feinberg, Andy Shaughnessy, Patty Goldman, and Happy Holden. Joining the call from Colonial Circuits was Mark Osborn, president and CEO, Kevin Knapp, quality manager, and Rodney Krick, manufacturing manager.

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