A Tribute to Greg Beck

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Recently, our industry lost one of its veterans—Greg Beck.

Greg, owner of Beck’s Light Gauge Aluminum Company, passed away unexpectedly in Lake Zurich, Illinois on May 2, 2019. He was a passionate and committed executive who built a successful business around thin-gauge steel and aluminum processing for high-technology applications. He enjoyed spending time with his family, including his two dogs.

Beck’s Light Gauge Aluminum Company was founded by George Beck, Greg's father, who was also very prominent in the industry. Last year, Greg and his company joined the Insulectro family of companies through acquisition. Greg’s pioneering work with American-sourced aluminum was a perfect fit for Insulectro's line of business. We appreciated Greg's enthusiasm for the blending of the businesses and his guidance and direction as he stayed on to continue his extraordinary work.

Insulectro President and CEO Patrick Redfern commented, "On behalf of all my fellow teammates, we celebrate Greg’s life. We salute the successes Greg accomplished for our industry, and we pay tribute to his visionary legacy which will remain a guiding light in our business. Insulectro will name its light gauge metal processing line in both our Chicago-area and our Orange County, California facilities in honor of Greg.

"Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Greg’s family and friends, and the business colleagues who knew him and worked with him and recognized his genius," Redfern concluded.



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