Eternal Technologies Names IEC as Exclusive North American Distributor

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Eternal Technology Corporation, located in Richmond, Virginia, has named International Electronic Components (IEC) as exclusive distributor for its dry film photoresist products.

Effective October 1, 2019 IEC will become the sole and exclusive distributor in North America for Eternal’s dry film photoresist product lines.

Bob Ferguson of Eternal Technology Corporation said, "Our new strategic alliance with IEC in North America will allow Eternal to better serve our North American customers, through greatly improved service and logistics."

Shawn Stone, President of IEC, stated, "It’s been a long-time strategic goal for us to become a complete North American distributor.  This move, along with our recent alliance with Rogers Corporation and Kodak, will enhance our customers’ experience and expectations."

Eternal Technology Corporation is located in Richmond, Virginia, and is the only US-based manufacturer of dry film photoresist exclusively focused on the North American market.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eternal Materials, an international corporation that has focused on technical development and customer service in the fields of resins, electronic chemical materials and specialty chemicals since 1964.  Eternal Materials, headquartered in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, governs product divisions and project groups in Taiwan and overseas subsidiaries in China, U.S.A. and Thailand.

IEC has served for over 50 years the PCB, chemical milling, and various electronics markets.  IEC was founded in 1966 by Jim Stone to meet the needs of the emerging printed circuit board industry in Canada.  In 1993, Shawn Stone took the reins of IEC from his father and continues to invest and grow the corporation.  In 1998, Shawn and Chuck Williams, General Manager/Partner IEC USA, founded IEC USA to continue the growth of IEC into the United States.  Its 50-year reputation for excellence has made IEC a leading supplier of circuit board chemicals, copper clad laminates, and equipment to the North American electronics and chemical milling market.



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