Meet Dana Korf, I-Connect007 Columnist

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Meet Dana Korf, one of our newest I-Connect007 columnists! Dana’s columns will focus on IPC-2581 as well as PCB front-end tooling, data quality, DFM processes, etc.

Currently the principal consultant at Korf Consultancy LLC, Dana Korf works with companies to improve PCB fabricator front-end engineering processes. He also works with OEMs and ODMs to create design rules and technology roadmaps, assist with supplier selection/qualification, and reduce DFM cycles. Dana previously worked in China for over seven years at Multek in Zhuhai as senior director of manufacturing engineering and NPI and at Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen as director of PCB technology where he was responsible for PCB technology ranging from mobile phones to RF antennas, base stations, and high-speed digital servers and switches; before that, he worked for Samina-SCI, HADCO, and Zycon as director of product engineering. He has been awarded the IPC President’s Award, chaired many high-speed IPC committees, and was a co-chair for the iNEMI Data Convergence project, which has become IPC-2581. Dana graduated from Washington State University with a BSEE, and he enjoys following college and professional football and golf.

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