Sunstone Circuits Participates in Successful Fall Trade Shows

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Sunstone Circuits, a printed circuit board (PCB) solutions provider for prototypes, medium-volume and production quantities, recently exhibited at PCB West and was a Gold Sponsor Presenter at NEDME.

NEDME, The NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo, is held in Sunstone’s own backyard every October in Beaverton, Oregon.  Started over 15 years ago and originally called Octoberbest, NEDME has welcomed Sunstone as one of many exhibitors from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Produced and managed by The Oregon Electronics Manufacturers Association (EMA), this event connects local businesses with engineers, buyers, and reps in a fun and educational way.  Sunstone’s own Mathew Stevenson contributed as a conference session speaker, focusing on PCB design pitfalls. 

Meeting and talking with customers face to face is enlightening—a chance to clarify expectations and update customers with new and existing practices and capabilities.

“Through a conversation with a recent customer, we came to realize that not everyone knows that Sunstone can build PCBs up to 14 layers, produce higher production quantities and that we also hold certifications with ITAR, ISO, RoHS and more. Face to face is a perfect way to update these customers,” said Sean Hulin, marketing and sales manager.

About Sunstone Circuits 

Sunstone Circuits, a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer based in Oregon, has over 45 years of experience manufacturing high quality, on-time PCBs. Sunstone Circuits is committed to continuously improving the overall process for the design engineer from quote to delivery. With solutions ranging from prototypes to medium volume and production quantities, Sunstone has your entire product lifecycle covered. With around the clock US customer support, Sunstone Circuits provides unparalleled customer service. For more information about Sunstone's innovative PCB solutions, or to learn more about our custom quote or online quote and ordering process, please visit



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