Amitron Adds Checkpoint to Ucamco's Integr8tor Workflows

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USA-based PCB manufacturer Amitron has extended their Integr8tor software from Ucamco with the purchase of additional modules, including Checkpoint.

“Our reputation thrives on delivering multilayer, double-sided and single-sided PCBs at the highest possible quality and the lowest possible costs”, says Tyson Mortimer, President at Amitron. “Our main objective is to save our customers money, time and peace of mind. Reaching that goal is reflected in everything we do, from the extent in which we test our circuit boards to the speed in which we deliver our quotes. Which is where Integr8tor comes into play. Reliability means everything to our customers. Thanks to Integr8tor, we can provide that reliability in the way we quote price requests.”

Amitron has now decided to add Checkpoint to their existing Integr8tor workflows. Checkpoint is a graphical DFM review tool that allows users to gain time for time-critical jobs, to minimize shop-floor downtime and to increase effective plant capacity.

“Integr8tor has many new functionalities that come at a low cost but signify a big boost to its capacities and those using it. Adding Checkpoint is a major upgrade”, confirms Mr. Mortimer. “We have been working with Ucamco software for many years. The in-house combination of Integr8tor, that has always been the de facto software in its category, and UcamX is now better than ever. It is so much more than the sum of its parts. Amitron firmly believes that it puts Ucamco ahead of its competitors. We are delighted to continue our partnership.”



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