5G is Coming With Quantum-Level Advances and Features

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I am sure that, by now, all of you have heard about 5G (the fifth-generation of mobile phone and data communication standards). I am also relatively sure that many of you think that this means neat, new cellphone features, and perhaps more texting and selfie abilities. While that may be true, getting a new cellphone for those reasons would be like getting a new car because you want a different color.

First, you may want to familiarize yourself with what came with the first four generations and what they have given us over the last 35– 40 years. If you want a detailed primer on the various generations and what they enabled, you might want to review our previous article on that topic.

Generations of Mobile Communication Networks

Mobile communication networks are grouped into generations. The first-generation (1G, although not named as such) was an analog system introduced in the early 1980s. The second-generation (2G, for example, GSM) was digital and made short messages (or short message service, SMS) available for the wide public in the 1990s.

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