A Walking Tour of Viking Test With Jake Kelly

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In this video walking tour of the Viking Test booth at productronica 2019, Managing Director Jake Kelly walks us down the line of Viking's universal film stripper.

First in line is the Elvak Loader, managing the pick-up and placement of the panels in the conveyor system for the line. Film strip is accomplished on a UCE film strip model. Jake takes care to point out the easy maintenance and easy operation features of the system, as well.

Moving further down the conveyor, Jake talks us through the rinse section. Here Jake discusses installation options for the system, including placement of the control unit for the line.

Onward to the drying module, Jake introduces us to the UCE drying module, providing efficient operation and the capability to push fast, effective heat into even very thick boards and high aspect ratio through-holes. He points out that Viking has sold over 100 sets of these machines in Europe in the past 10 years.

Jake finishes with a discussion of the exit conveyor and panel diverter option, before turning our attention to the designed-in maintenance conveniences on the service side of the line.

Watch this video below:


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