Averatek Releases New High-Density Process Details at IPC APEX EXPO 2020

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Averatek Incorporated has announced their participation in this year’s IPC APEX EXPO Conference and Exposition being held February 4th − 6th, at the San Diego Convention Center. Averatek will be presenting advanced PCB manufacturing technology as well as sharing expertise and experience in its deployment.

Averatek will first present on Tuesday, February 4th, at the technical conference followed by participation in a panel discussion at the Sessions at the Intersection. This discussion will be open to all attendees. On Wednesday, February 5th, Averatek will present at the inaugural community of interest meeting focused on additive PCB processes capable of feature sizes of 25 microns and below, exploring both the needs of next generation electronics and the needs of PCB fabricators licensing this technology.

“The electronics industry is at an inflection point.” said Haris Basit, CEO of Averatek, “Increasingly complex electronics continue to challenge traditional fabrication processes. Averatek’s A-SAP™ process resets the technology curve and opens up design opportunities that were previously unavailable.”

“We are excited to participate in this year’s IPC APEX EXPO. There is a lot to learn when working with a new, emerging technology. This IPC conference provides the opportunity to meet with, listen to and educate OEM’s, PCB Fabricators, and EMS companies all in one location. We have just scratched the surface on the ways A-SAP™ can be utilized in design and we are looking forward to insightful discussion and feedback”, said Mike Vinson, President and COO of Averatek.

Averatek’s A-SAP™ is an advanced manufacturing process for printed circuit board fabrication with trace and space as narrow as 15 microns. This process can dramatically reduce the space and weight of electronics systems, provide significant RF benefits and can be easily integrated with today’s traditional PCB manufacturing processes and materials.

About Averatek

Averatek Corporation develops and licenses advanced manufacturing processes for a variety of electronic products including very high density printed circuit boards, semiconductor packaging and RF and millimeter wave passive components. In addition, Averatek develops and sells the key chemistry that enables these advanced manufacturing processes. For more information visit www.averatek.com



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