PCB Connect Open New Office in United Kingdom

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PCB Connect, the Swedish PCB supplier, opened a new office in United Kingdom, located in Devizes Wiltshire. Jonas Pettersson, CEO of PCB Connect says that “it was in our plans to expand to United Kingdom, once that is a great market to reach. We are very happy to announce the new market and our next steps towards continued growth.”

The company is pleased to announce the appointment of two new managers, Justin Olejnik and Robert Keyser, both who join us with previous experience in the global PCB market. “As the complexities of the global electronics market continues to increase, the need for reliable, secure and robust supply chains becomes ever more critical. At the PCB Connect Group we have found a business that is structured to grow at a similar pace to our customers needs, has global market presence along with a local will do mentality," says Justin Olejnik, Managing Director, PCB Connect Limited.

Robert Keyser, Sales Director, PCB Connect Limited commented, “I am delighted to be joining the PCB Connect Group, who over the last 16 years have shown unprecedented growth and commitment in delivering customers with exceptional products and service. I am pleased to be able to continue the great work that PCB Connect have been doing, and upholding their core values of making a difference to our customers supply chains.”

Since last year, PCB Connect opened new offices in Turkey, United States, Estonia and Germany, and expand existing markets, such as in Brazil, Poland and Swedish.



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