PCB Manufacturer SQP International Invests in New Plasma Treatment System

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As part of the continuous upgrade of the PCB manufacturing processes the Slovakian PCB manufacturer SQP International has invested in a new plasma treatment system.

The plasma treatment system – which comes from Boffotto and was supplied by Dutch based Adeon Technologies – will be used for the desmear and etchback during the manufacturing of printed circuits boards.

The plasma treatment replaces processes that are much more harmful to the environment, among others due to hazardous waste disposal. Another feature that the plasma treatment brings is a higher accuracy of the process, assuring higher quality and enabling the production of more advanced circuit boards.

“Due to the travel restrictions due to the Covid19 virus the installation of the plasma treatment system is done inhouse by our own staff, they did a really great job. Well organized remote support by the supplier assured that the installation and start-up of the equipment went very smooth.The plasma treatment system is one of the investments we have done in the recent years.

Other investments SQP made in the recent years are introduction of LDI Technology, strip etch line for track/gap down to 100micron, solder resist spray coating and the introduction of technology for filled and capped via holes. All these investments are focusing on product and process quality improvement and increase our capabilities as PCB manufacturer,” says Peter Hric CEO of SQP International, in a press release.

Jeroen Charmant, co-owner of SQP International and CEO of S&Q Europe, details why the company decided to invest in the system: “The choice for the Boffotto P06H system is made because of its unique vacuum and gas flow technology and the superior temperature management. The balance of the critical design elements and process parameters creates a system that is capable to do the most uniform PCB treatment for key applications like desmear and landing pad cleaning.”



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