July PCB007 Magazine Preview: Rethinking Manufacturing

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The July issue of PCB007 Magazine will be published later this week. Can’t wait to download it? Enjoy this preview that explains how we arrived at the topic of “Rethinking Manufacturing,” as well as what you can expect to read inside.

This issue is an exploration of the rethinking currently underway across the industry. Our conversations on rethinking manufacturing include re-imagining wet processes, additive, and subtractive processes. We also explore rethinking the tools available to your incoming CAM department in the form of best practices for landing pads, the advantages of the new VeCS technology, and more information on Elsyca’s sophisticated CAM analysis software. This issue provides some insight into the Chinese industry’s recovery within the global marketplace (as reported by Prismark) and takes you through a real-world example of how ransomware can be a serious threat to your business.

The July issue is jam-packed with columnists. Dr. John Mitchell considers regional manufacturing, and Tara Dunn discusses additive versus subtractive processes. Todd Kolmodin asks if we can have too much automation. Then, Mike Carano posts part two of “A Process Engineer’s Guide to Advance Troubleshooting,” and Steve Williams delivers Part Four of his series “Guerilla Tactics to Pass Any QMS Audit.” But that’s not all. Mike Hill clarifies MIL-PRF-31032 certification, and Marc Ladle looks at LED UV curing.

We hope that you look forward to reading this and more in the July issue of PCB007 Magazine. Be sure you’re subscribed by clicking here so that you don't miss the latest issue as soon as it’s released.



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