Atotech Expands Its Software Capabilities

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Atotech, a leading global provider of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announces it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Visutech Plating, along with certain assets from its partner company, koenig-pa GmbH. Visutech Plating is a leading developer of process control and automation systems software used in electroplating and chemical treatment equipment, including many produced by Atotech. The transaction is anticipated to close by the end of August 2020. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

This acquisition is part of Atotech’s strategy to expand its digitalization capabilities, speed up product development time, build its software-based business model, and become an even more important solutions provider to its customers. By more closely embedding software with hardware, Atotech can enhance the customer experience through increased production quality, efficiency, and system availability, while simultaneously reducing cost and risk. Atotech also plans to develop new software solutions that will deliver further value to our customers.

Geoff Wild, Atotech’s CEO, said, “I am delighted to welcome the Visutech team to the Atotech family. The addition of in-house industrial software capabilities will better enable us to control our destiny and quickly develop data-driven business models in equipment, which are becoming increasingly important in our marketplace and a key differentiator. In fact, Atotech will be the only company in our industry who is capable of supplying equipment, software solutions, chemistry, and full technical support on a global scale. This deal will help Atotech maintain its leading edge by delivering an enhanced customer experience.”
KPA’s and Visutech’s more than 30-year history of IT and automation expertise has made them a valuable Atotech partner, with decades of embedded cooperation. As part of the transaction, it is expected that 66 employees will join the Atotech team.

The integration of Visutech Plating into Atotech should be seamless as locations, functions, and workstreams will remain largely unchanged. The integration will be further supported by Manfred and Larissa Koenig, the founders of KPA and Visutech, who will become full-time consultants to ensure commercial and technical experience remains uninterrupted.


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