Minco Introduces S7 and TC7 Tri-Certified Miniature Embedment Temperature Sensors

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Minco Products Inc., a global provider of thermal solutions, flex circuits, and temperature sensing and control solutions, launched the S7 and TC7, a new line of miniature bearing embedment temperature sensors.

These sensors commonly monitor the metal temperature of bearings in rotating equipment — the most reliable indicator of bearing condition — to give early warning of oil film breakdown before costly failures occur. Moreover, the S7 and TC7 sensor leads can be configured with either stainless steel feedthrough tubes or elastomer filled cables to block oil from wicking out of the machine housing along the lead wires.  

“Our S7 and TC7 sensors are tri-certified by multiple agencies, including IECEx, ATEX and North American (CSA US and CSA Canada) for use in hazardous areas. This means our customers can feel confident they are covered under many potential certification requirements with one sensor. Using a single, highly capable component like this can increase flexibility, reduce inventory and improve engineering efficiencies,” says Darrell Hyde, Product Marketing Manager at Minco. “These sensors can be mounted either by spring loading or potting into the bearing shoes which are later installed in a variety of equipment, including motors, generators, gearboxes, pumps and compressors.” 

Additional features:

  • Metal casing and a variety of lead wire and cable options to withstand rough handling and harsh environments
  • Five case styles/sizes allow for different installation needs
  • Available with a variety of sensing elements including 100-ohm and 1000-ohm platinum RTDs, 100-ohm and 120-ohm nickel RTDs, plus Type E, J, K or T thermocouples

 Minco has been a leading supplier of temperature sensors for over 60 years with an unwavering focus on exceptional product quality. The engineer-driven company has designed thousands of standard and custom sensing packages to seamlessly operate in a wide range of applications.



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