Insulectro Opens Shop With All New Printed Electronics E-Commerce Site

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Insulectro, the largest distributor of materials for use in manufacture of printed circuit boards and printed electronics, has just rolled out its new on-line shopping center (  for conductive inks and pastes plus advanced substrates and films.

“Insulectro takes a major step in its digital transformation with the launch of a brand-new e-Commerce website developed from the ground up and launched during the COVID-19 pandemic,” announced Tim Redfern, President of Insulectro Printed Electronics, “New customers will now be able to navigate our full offering of Printed Electronics materials, get detailed product data, search by material composition and/or application. Once a product(s) is selected a customer can then choose quantity and desired format (sheets, rolls, container size) and add the product into their virtual shopping cart.”

The company offers products from such premium brands as DuPont, Coveme, Kodak, 3M, Saint-Gobain, TCI, Sabic, and Chemours. Products include a diverse array of polyester materials, polycarbonate, polyimide, FEP, PTFE, and PFA.

“Insulectro also will distribute DuPont’s renowned portfolio of conductive inks and pastes organized on our site by application and composition,” add Kevin Miller, Vice President of Sales for Insulectro’s PE efforts. “A customer looking for silver inks suitable for touch membranes switches can find and place an order in two clicks. Other applications vary from RFID to high stretch applications (wearables) and in-mold electronics among others.

“Customers will see immediate pricing, volume discounts, shipping costs, taxes, after finetuning their purchases using drop down menus from which they can select quantities or sheet or rolls if shopping for substrates,” Miller added. “

Insulectro Printed Electronics distributes non-electrical products in addition to PE materials such as DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films used to protect surfaces exposed to harsh environments. Getting attention due to the pandemic is Sabic’s Lexan™ thermoplastic polycarbonates easily shaped and molded into many applications including PPE (personal protection equipment) like barriers and face shields. Insulectro will also offer a new sourced line of materials – Insulectro Clarity™ Polycarbonates significantly expanding its offerings.

"The website is designed to be user friendly, informative, and easy to navigate,” Tim Redfern stated. “The site aims to balance having detailed product and market data, important to engineers with educational content and visually pleasing graphics of our products in real-world applications. Like many in our line of business you may expect a very industrial looking site that is stark or sterile. But what you’ll find is innovative design that breaks new ground. I invite you to explore the site and enjoy its unique attributes.

“And purchasing on the site is secure. Purchase transactions will be processed by Shopify®, a global leader in managing internet transactions and known for being fully compliant with all regulations and secured credit card transactions,” Redfern continued. 

“Our e-commerce site <> is one example of how Insulectro is looking to the future using technology to streamline and automate our distribution processes. You will be hearing much more about things we are developing and implementing to help our customers enhance their businesses,” Redfern concluded.

In addition to inks and substrates, Insulectro supplies advanced engineered materials manufactured by Isola, DuPont®, LCOA®, CAC, Inc., Pacothane, Focus Tech Chemicals, JX Nippon, TADCO, EMD Performance Materials, Shikoku, Denkai America, Industrial Brush Corporation, Kemmer, and Shur-loc. These products are used by its customers to fabricate complex, multilayer circuit boards and to manufacture printed electronics components. Insulectro serves a broad customer base manufacturing rigid, rigid/flex and flexible circuit boards for applications in a variety of end markets including aeronautics, telecom, data communications, high speed computing, mobile devices, military, and medical. Insulectro combines its premier product offering with local inventory across North America, fabrication capabilities and backed up by expert customer and technical support services.



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