Nano Dimension Appoints Dr. Eli David to Board of Directors

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Nano Dimension Ltd., an industry leading additively manufactured electronics (AME)/ printed electronics (PE) provider, has announced the appointment of Dr. Eli David to the Board of Directors.    

Dr. Eli David is a world renowned AI expert specializing in deep learning and evolutionary computation with over fifty papers published in leading artificial intelligence journals and conferences, mostly focusing on applications of deep learning and genetic algorithms in various real-world domains. For the past fifteen years, he has been teaching courses on deep learning and evolutionary computation, in addition to supervising the research of graduate students in these fields. He has also served in numerous capacities, successfully designing, implementing, and leading deep learning-based projects in real-world environments.

Dr. David also serves as an AI consultant to several Fortune 500 companies, and major venture capital and private equity firms. He is a frequently invited speaker in prominent AI venues, and a member of Forbes Technology Council. 

Dr. David received the Best Paper Award in the 2008 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, the Gold Award in the prestigious “Humies” Awards for Human-Competitive Results in 2014, and the Best Paper Award in the 2016 International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks. He is the developer of Falcon, a Grandmaster-level chess playing program based on genetic algorithms and deep learning, which reached second place in the World Computer Chess Championship. 

Yoav Stern, CEO of Nano Dimension, commented, “I am thrilled to have Dr. David join our Board of Directors.  As a leading global thought leader in AI and a member of the Forbes Technology Council, his expertise and global business connections will be invaluable as we develop an advanced AI application in machine learning. I look forward to Dr. David’s input towards our next generation 3D-AME technology, which is envisioned to evolve into a network of fabrication and assembly systems of Hi-PEDs™ (High Performance Electronic Devices). We foresee a neural-network like array of machines, connected wirelessly and building a massive amount of cloud-residence fabrication process and materials data, sharing it for cross-machine performance improvements well as ERP and production management.”

Dr. David, stated, “I am confident that Nano Dimension will benefit from employing advanced AI and specifically neural networks for dramatically improving and optimizing its fabrication processes, and I hope my expertise in these fields as well as my global business and scientific network will prove beneficial to the Company.”


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