EIPC Webinar Focuses on 5G

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In line with the growing adoption of 5G, there is a clear demand in the whole PCB supply chain on finding solutions to decrease signal losses at the PCB level. The understanding of loss savings in signalling at the PCB level is meaningful from functionality, but also from the signal point of view and the total power consumption of the product.

Thus, OEMs are challenging the supply chain to find the solutions to increase signal losses and improve the signal quality at the PCB level.

In line with this, the sixth Technical Snapshot Webinar of the European Institute for the PCB Community (EIPC) will focus on 5G. To be held on March 17, the session will feature interesting papers on the dielectric material, copper foil, and testing solutions, supporting the challenge of signal losses driven by these high-speed products.

The webinar will feature Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Huschka, vice president of global marketing, AGC Multi Material General Division, who will present his paper, "Electrical and Mechanical Reliability of an RF Laminate are Key Requirements For Selection in 77 GHz ADAS sensor"; Julie Mouzon of Circuitfoil, who will present a paper on ultra-flat ED-copper foils dedicated to high-speed digital and RF circuit boards; and Martyn Gaudion of Polar Instruments, who will speak on the primary drivers for insertion loss on high speed base material.

Moderated by Paul Waldner of Multiline International Europa, EIPC’s webinar will also have a Q&A session at the end.

For more information, visit www.eipc.org.



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