Yankee Soldering, Board Shark PCB Partner in New England

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Board Shark PCB, a leading PCB solution provider, announced the appointment of Yankee Soldering as its manufacturers’ representative. Based in Rhode Island, Yankee soldering represents Board Shark PCB throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Mike Gunderson, Sales Manager, Board Shark PCB stated: “We are very excited to partner with Andrew and Mark at Yankee Soldering. Their relationships in the territory have already proven to be a perfect fit for what Board Shark has to offer in PCB fabrication supply. Given our current environment of PCB sourcing, Board Shark is well positioned to support their customer base.  Our flexibility and responsiveness are very much in alignment with the service and dedication that Yankee Soldering has for their customers.”

Board Shark works to lower its customers PCB costs at with better quality and delivery than the competition. The company offers its customers one of the broadest offerings in the business.  Have a high-mix low volume program with 100s of part numbers?  Need assistance with a difficult rigid-flex design and still need a competitive cost?  Looking for the highest quality and most cost-competitive aluminum boards in the world?  Maybe you need a handful of prototypes built right the first time – and delivered on-time. 

Andrew Rollins, Yankee Soldering Technology, stated: “Yankee Soldering is pleased to add Board Shark PCB as a supplier. Board Shark aligns with Yankee’s vision and core values of delivering consistent and reliable products to our customer base.”

The Board Shark factories offer expertise in different niches of PCB and flex circuit manufacturing, giving them the unique ability to not only build boards economically, but to also maintain the highest quality standards.  Board Shark's low overhead and consolidated board spend allows them to pass these savings onto its customers.



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