ICAPE Group Acquires German PCB Supplier SAFA2000

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First electronics market in Europe, Germany is an important country for ICAPE Group in terms of sales. Over the last 18 months, ICAPE Group invested massively in Germany with a brand-new facility, an advanced logistics center and from April 2022, the acquisition of a historic German PCB Supplier: SAFA2000.

Founded the same year as ICAPE Group in 1999, SAFA2000 started its activities in the PCB industry back in 2007. In 2021, the company achieved a 15,5 M€ revenue, with 28 employees and 360 active customers. According to Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group, this acquisition is a great step forward to develop ICAPE Group’s businesses in Germany, with a new facility and a wider range of possibilities: “ICAPE Group is well established in Germany. Our business unit recently moved to brand-new offices, we deployed more logistics solutions in Nuremberg, we invested in the acquisition of BA Elektroniks in 2021 and we are now moving forward with the acquisition of SAFA2000, which brings another experienced structure to our organization, with very interesting tools, new customers, an expansion of our suppliers’ list, and advanced logistics services with a fully operational warehouse to manage our activities in this dynamic country that represents our biggest market share in Europe.»

From SAFA2000’s point of view, joining ICAPE Group will allow the German-focused company to benefit from a full range of services from an international company. With a network of 80 factory partners and the support of all ICAPE Group’s departments such as sourcing, purchasing, quality, laboratory, logistics, and customer services, SAFA2000 will be able to offer better services to its customers: “It’s a great step forward for our structure. In this industry, ICAPE Group is a real leader and we are happy to join forces with such a successful and renowned company. In the past, ICAPE Group was a respected competitor with very solid advantages, which we are happy to partner with from now on. Together, we will be stronger and, in the end, our customers will benefit from the strength of both companies reunited in a common quest: Better services, better prices, better quality”, said Antonio Dias, CEO of SAFA2000.

SAFA2000 ensures its customers that daily operations will continue as usual, with the full support of ICAPE Group’s organization. The German company will be integrated into ICAPE Deutschland in 2023.


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