Ucamco Launches UcamX and Integr8tor v2022.06

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Ucamco is proud to release UcamX v2022.06 and Integr8tor v2022.06. These new versions of our CAM and Pre-CAM software include dozens of additions, new options, fixes and general improvements to increase our customers’s productivity. 

UcamX v2022.06

  • YELO Mask Adjuster
  • Snap Mode
  • Board Analyzer
  • CAD Output ODB++
  • Input DPMX
  • FaultStation

Integr8tor v2022.06

  • Java 17 upgrade
  • Gerber archives
  • Customer profiling
  • Performance optimization
  • New Checkpoint version

UcamX and Integr8tor v2022.06 are now available for download for all maintenance contract users.


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