Ucamco Releases UcamX v2022.09 and Integr8tor v2022.09

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Ucamco is proud to release UcamX v2022.09 and Integr8tor v2022.09. These new versions of our CAM and Pre-CAM software include dozens of additions, new options, fixes and general improvements to increase our customers’s productivity.

UcamX v2022.09 is full of improvements, additions, options and more to keep your CAM department snuggly and cozy over the coming months:

  • YELO Mask Adjuster extensions
  • Electrical test optimization
  • New default ucam.db settings
  • Additional Ucam.properties settings
  • Optimized Excellon 2 input
  • Improved GAR input

Integr8tor v2022.09 holds a host of fixes and code improvements, amongst which:

  • NEC layer naming convention added to layer stackup recognition engine
  • Drill header recognition engine extensions
  • Improved from-to drill span recognition algorithms

UcamX and Integr8tor v2022.09 are now available for download for all maintenance contract users. Customers who wish to upgrade to this version outside of a maintenance contract or wish to take out a maintenance contract, are welcome to contact their local sales channel.


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