Rogers Corporation and Fortify Joint Agreement to Promote 3D Printing Technology

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Rogers Corporation and 3D Fortify Inc. entered into an expanded agreement to jointly promote Fortify’s 3D printing equipment and Rogers’ 3D printable materials to further develop the use of additively manufactured parts for electronic and, more specifically, RF/Microwave components.

The agreement enhances Rogers and Fortify’s existing relationship including:

  • Fortify’s rights to distribute and sell Rogers’ 3D printable materials
  • Fortify’s rights to qualify Rogers’ materials for use with Fortify equipment
  • Rogers’ rights to support the sale of Fortify equipment
  • Rights of both parties to develop and manufacture additive materials for use with Fortify equipment

This agreement reinforces the continued commitment to develop electronic applications using the unique capabilities provided by high performance materials including Rogers’ Radix™ printable RF materials and Fortify’s 3D printing technology, including FLUX Series DLP printers.

Karl Sprentall, Rogers’ Director of New Business Development added, “The scalable manufacturing of high complexity RF components with Radix™ additive manufacturing resins enable our customers to solve new or previously unsolvable problems. It is of critical importance to deliver this technology in a manner that provides the reliability and repeatability that our customers expect from Rogers Corporation products. We have been working closely with Fortify for many years, and their Flux Series DLP printers are ideally suited to produce complex structures with consistent and repeatable dielectric properties. We are excited to expand and strengthen our collaboration with Fortify.”

Joseph Muth, Fortify’s Head of Materials and Process Engineering stated, “Rogers’ materials capability is an ideal match for Fortify’s Flux systems. Together, we are unlocking new application space and streamlining design to device realization. This agreement will allow us to accelerate toward an end-to-end manufacturing platform that enables the future of RF devices.”


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