Arlon Appoints Jason Maupin as COO

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Arlon announced the addition of Jason Maupin as Chief Operating Officer. In this role Mr. Maupin will oversee Arlon’s specialty materials business as well as EMC’s laminate distribution business in N. America. This hiring move is the result of Arlon’s current President, Brad Foster announcing his intent to retire in early 2023, after 21 years with Arlon.

“Hiring Jason is a very good move for the organization.  He brings sound business practices, industry knowledge, and strong leadership skills to Arlon. These will be needed as Arlon and EMC look to grow business in N. America.”, commented Mr. Foster.

Mr. Maupin brings to Arlon over 25 years of electronics industry experience. He comes to Arlon from Dymax Corporation, where he was the Chief Commercial Officer. Before that, Mr. Maupin was Regional President of Enthone, a specialty chemical provider to the printed circuit, semi-conductor and general metal finishing industries. Prior to entering the commercial sector, Mr. Maupin was in the US Navy from 1991-1996, where he served on the Fast Attack submarine USS Jefferson City. 

“As a result of EMC’s acquisition, Arlon is now uniquely positioned in N. America to leverage product portfolios, R&D capabilities, and the financial strength of EMC to rapidly introduce new products, expand Arlon’s capacity, and upgrade manufacturing. These advancements will enable Arlon to increase product offerings into core customers as well as expand globally into other markets. This is an exciting opportunity to combine two truly unique organizations and offer the best of both to OEM and fabricator customers”, stated Mr. Maupin.

About Arlon: Arlon EMD is a US manufacturer of specialty materials.  Arlon has supplied materials for the North American, UK, European, Israeli and Asian markets for more than 35 years from their manufacturing location in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

About EMC: Elite Material Co. Ltd. (EMC), established in 1992 as a copper clad (CCL) and prepreg manufacturer, has become the global leader in the manufacture and supply of Halogen free CCL materials. Elite’s highly skilled Research & Development team has developed a family of materials from mid-loss to extreme low loss products. These materials are designed in complex PCB’s; mSAP, IC substrate, high layer count (HLC)/ high speed digital (HSD) and radio frequency (RF) products.



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