ICAPE Group Acquires FIMOR Electronics in France

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On February 10th, ICAPE Group, one of the world's largest PCB and Technical Parts suppliers, sealed the acquisition of FIMOR Electronics, a French company specializing in the production and distribution of Technical Parts. ICAPE Group continues its strategy of external growth and diversifies its owned factory network.

ICAPE Group’s core business has always been the production and distribution of PCB, but since 2004, the group has created CIPEM, to satisfy its customers’ needs and requests for custom-made technical parts. ICAPE Group aims to increase the level of services of CIPEM with the creation of new business units around the world and the management of a 50-factory partner network, dedicated to the production of custom-made technical parts.

FIMOR Electronics is a French renowned company in the technical parts industry. Based in Le Mans, FIMOR Electronics has built a solid reputation in the supply and production of many electronics components for industries such as Medical, Automotive, Communications, and IOT to achieve a revenue of 6,2 million euros in 2022, with 350 actives customers handled by 20 employees in France and 6 in China working from a dedicated service office in Foshan and managing 10 main suppliers. FIMOR Electronics regroups three types of activities: trading of technical parts in silicone, trading of high-end components in Le Mans, and IHM, the manufacturing facility of Human Machine Interfaces in Seynod - France.

FIMOR Electronics and ICAPE Group are complementary. The expertise of FIMOR Electronics in the production of Technical Parts such as keyboards and silicone parts will strengthen CIPEM’s offer, and FIMOR Electronics’ customers will enter a new world of possibilities with the wide range of services that an international and established company like ICAPE Group can offer, as explains Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group:

“FIMOR Electronics is a very promising company. The team has developed a business model, a factory, and a reputation based on excellence and seriousness in France to achieve their objectives and secure a solid customer base. ICAPE Group is developing its production network after the acquisition of Trax in South Africa, and MMAB in Sweden, two printed circuit board factories. We are happy to welcome FIMOR Electronics today, into our network for technical parts and we are confident that this new acquisition will be a perfect addition to offer the highest quality of services to both FIMOR Electronics and ICAPE Group’s customers, and increase the footprint of our companies in France and the border countries. It’s also important for us to support and offer a local production solution.”

For FIMOR Electronics, joining ICAPE Group is a massive opportunity to take the company to another level, as explained Manuel Zuckerman, CEO of FIMOR Group:

“ICAPE Group is a major player in the electronic industry. Over the last 20 years, the company has become one of the largest electronic parts suppliers in the world. It’s a testimony of ICAPE Group’s capabilities. I am sure that FIMOR Electronics and its customers will benefit from this international presence. CIPEM experts will bring added expertise, a larger product portfolio, and the energy of a highly motivated team. FIMOR Electronics associates are very enthusiastic about joining ICAPE Group and looking forward to unleashing their potential.”

FIMOR Electronics integrates ICAPE Group’s internal organization under the management of CIPEM France. IHM, the first non-PCB factory owned by ICAPE Group, joins the company’s owned factory network alongside MMAB and Trax.


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