Focus Tech Announces New Website and Product Showcase

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Tempe, Arizona based Focus Tech announces a new website that focuses on its offering in specialty chemical and process control system manufacturing for the printed circuit board and general metal finishing industries. Focus Tech is the only supplier to the PCB industry that designs and manufactures both process chemicals and control systems.

“Focus Tech is proud to roll-out a new company website this week,” commented Scott Campbell, Focus Tech founder and president. “The site features over 50 product pages for a variety of chemicals we manufacture for a variety of applications. In two clicks, viewers will find technical information on what we offer. We designed it from the ground up to make it easy to access and navigate all our information.”

Focus Tech product lines include anti-foam, anti-tarnish, copper cleaners, etch chemicals, developers, strippers, as well as others commonly used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and general metal finishing. Focus Tech also manufactures process control equipment and offers a variety of services to PCB fabricators.

Focus Tech is known for responding quickly to customer needs and evolving technology by providing custom chemical formulations and controller designs tailored to the specific requirements of a given process.

Campbell added, “Last year, we moved to a new 47,000 square-foot facility with significant capital investment to improve and streamline all operational, research & development, and manufacturing processes. This has allowed Focus Tech to expand its capabilities particularly in toll blending capabilities. One click on the website will take viewers to a robust overview of what we can do in chemical blendings, custom process controls, and services.

“Our new R&D laboratory allows various types of testing including wet titration, atomic absorption and UV/VIS spectroscopy, and cross sections. Our access to a scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive x-ray analysis equipment round out our test services.”

A part of The Redfern Companies, Focus Tech’s products, equipment, and services are distributed by Insulectro leveraging the distributor’s sales team and 11 stocking locations in North America.


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