American Standard Circuits to Exhibit at PCB East Conference and Exhibition 2023

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American Standard Circuits will be exhibiting at this year’s PCB East Conference and Exhibition 2023 to be held at the Boxborough Regency Hotel and Conference Center in Boxborough, Massachusetts. The conference runs from May 9th through the 12th and the exhibition will be held on Wednesday, May 12th.

President and CEO Anaya Vardya stated, “We are excited to visit New England for this show. We have a fast-growing portfolio of customers in the part of the country and this event gives us the opportunity to meet with them face to face. The best part of PCB East is the ability to meet with designers who are working on all kinds of new and innovative products of the future. During the past several years ASC has invested heavily in equipment, technology and people in order to better help those innovators. We will be ready to discuss their new products and how we can contribute to bringing successful products to market on time.”

Visit American Standard Circuits on the show floor in Booth #401.

Check out this educational content from American Standard Circuits: 


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