IBIDEN Earns Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award

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IBIDEN Co., LTD. has been recently recognized as one of 11 companies receiving Intel  Corporation’s  prestigious  supplier  Continuous  Quality  Improvement  (SCQI)  award  for  their performance in 2014. This supplier has demonstrated outstanding performance to goals and extraordinary, industry-leading  commitment  across  all  critical  focus  areas  on  which  they  are  measured:  quality,  cost, availability, technology, customer service, labor and ethics systems and environmental sustainability. This award  is  Intel’s  highest  honor  for  its  suppliers,  acknowledging  truly  exceptional  and  world-class execution.

IBIDEN Co., LTD. provided substrate packaging materials , deemed essential to Intel’s success. “Ibiden is very honored to be awarded the Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) award 3 times. I sincerely appreciate to receive a high evaluation from Intel Corp.. In order to respond to expectations,  we will continue to make much more efforts on 2015,” said Hiroki Takenaka, president of Ibiden Co., LTD..

“Ibiden demonstrated exceptional performance in 2014 by supporting Intel’s increasingly complex technology  with  high  quality  substrate  packaging,  continuously  improving  their  supply  chain  agility through lead time reduction, and providing affordable packaging solutions. Ibiden’s recognition is well deserved, and Intel is looking forward to their continued success and contributions in the future,” said Carolin T. Seward, Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group. The SCQI award is part of Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement program, which encourages Intel’s key suppliers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. To qualify for SCQI,  suppliers  must  score  at  least  95  percent on  a  report  card that  assesses  performance  and  ability  to meet  cost,  quality,  availability,  technology,  environmental,  social  and  governance  goals.  Suppliers  must also achieve 90 percent or greater on a challenging improvement plan and demonstrate solid quality and business     systems.    

Additional information about the SCQI program is available at http://intel.com/go/quality.

A  celebration  to  honor  SCQI  award  winner s  was  held  in  Santa  Clara,  California  themed “Innovating to Deliver Smart and Connected Devices”, which illustrates the outstanding contributions this  supplier  has  made  in  2014.  In  addition,  there  was  an  announcement  on  Intel’s  website  at http://intel.com/

About IBIDEN Co., LTD.

IBIDEN CO., LTD. is a Japanese company with more than 100 years history. The IBIDEN Group consists of 43  subsidiaries  and  2  affiliates.  IBIDEN  Group  is  managing  businesses  centering  around  electronics and  ceramics.  In  the  electronics  business,  the  company  designs  and  manufactures  plastic  packages  and printed-wiring boards that are used for personal computers and smart phones as well as contributing to the development  of  telecommunication  equipment  which  the  world  is  expecting.  In  the  ceramics  business, IBIDEN  produces  Diesel  Particulate  Filters  (DPF) that  purifies  the  exhaust  gas of  diesel  passenger  cars, and  also  produces  graphite  specialty  products  used  for  semiconductor  and  solar  cell  manufacturing devices.  IBIDEN designs and manufactures the products that reduce the global-environmental load with long-established fine-ceramic technologies.



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