AT&S Admitted to the VÖNIX Sustainability Index

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As of 2015/2016, AT&S AG is a member of the VÖNIX sustainability index. VÖNIX comprises the listed companies which, based on roughly 100 environmental and social criteria, achieve the best results. 20 companies have been admitted to the current index. The AT&S share has a share of 2.30% in the index. The new composition is effective as of 22 June 2015.

“Sustainability has always determined our actions and represents an important investment in the future for us. Being accepted as a member of VÖNIX reassures us in our path of making our processes sustainable. It is not enough to comply with legal requirements; rather, you need a logical connection between the economic success of a company and its behaviour in the areas of environmental protection, employees and environment. A company that does not accept its ecological and social responsibility, will not be economically successful in the long term”, says Andreas Gerstenmayer, CEO of AT&S AG.

About Vönix

The sustainability index VBV-Österreichischer Nachhaltigkeitsindex (Vönix) is a capitalisation-weighted price index composed of those Austrian companies which are leaders in terms of social and environmental achievements. The owner of VÖNIX is VINIS Gesellschaft für nachhaltigen Vermögensaufbau und Innovation m.b.H, while daily calculation and dissemination is carried out by Wiener Börse AG.

Details on the index (ISIN: AT0000496906), which was established in 2005, and on the current composition are available on the website of the Vienna Stock Exchange, click here.



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