IEC Enters Sales and Service Partnership with Tritek

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IEC is pleased to announce the addition of Tritek Circuit Products (Tritek) as Sales Agents to IEC’s North American customers.  Tritek will provide sales and service to customers in the Southern California and Texas markets.

Tritek Circuit Products was established in 1991 as a full service distributor to the printed circuit fabrication industry and provides a full complement of products and services. The Tritek Sales/Service team has a broad range of expertise with 125+ years of industry experience.

About International Electronic Components Inc.

International Electronic Components Inc. (IEC) is a leading sales and service provider of consumables used in the North American printed circuit board market and will celebrate 50 successful years in 2016.  IEC USA was founded by Shawn Stone and Chuck Williams in 1998. Key products include chemistry, dry films, copper clad laminates, prepreg materials and machinery.  With conversion and warehousing facilities in Santa Clara, Chicago and Toronto, IEC is positioned to service the time critical requirements of the North American PCB industry.

About ITEQ

ITEQ is a leading manufacturer of copper clad laminate globally and is based in Taiwan. ITEQ stands for innovation, teamwork, excellence and quality, and has been in business since 1997, with five manufacturing sites based in Taiwan and China.  The IEC- ITEQ partnership will enable North American PCB suppliers to receive leading edge supply chain capabilities for copper clad laminate and prepreg. 

For more information about IEC please contact Shawn Stone, President.

Telephone: 416-293-2961 Email:

For more information about ITEQ please contact Mark Shields

Telephone: 614-937-5205 Email:

For more information about Tritek please contact Bill Seles

Telephone: 714-279-1060 Email:



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