AT&S Participates in Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council

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The 10th Annual Meeting of the Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council was convened in Chongqing on Sep 19th and 20th. 35 Global Chairmen and top executives from renowned international companies including Ford Motor, ANZ Bank, HSBC Bank, ABB, BASF, SK Hynix, United Technologies, HP, Ericsson, Mitsui, BP etc. together with AT&S participated in the meeting as advisers for Chongqing’s Mayor.

The two days meeting attracted around 400 worldwide business executives and top Chongqing officials participated. It reveals an exciting era and the importance of Chongqing with the State’s focus on “one road and one belt” strategy. Chongqing will play a major role linking the Yangtze River belt (from Shanghai to Chongqing) and then with the silk route across Central Asia to Western Europe. It will be the next growth engine the Chinese government is pushing to link up 65 countries with a population of 4 billion.

Dr. Hannes Androsch, AT&S chairman of the supervisory board, was invited to attend the meeting. As one of 6 new members of Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Group, he received the credential from the Mayor Huang Qifan.

AT&S_Chongqing_Mayor.jpgDuring the meeting, Dr.Androsch joined the panel discussion themed “Yangtze River Economic Zone strategy drivers – the transformation of Chongqing Economy”. He discussed in depth topics such as challenges and opportunities for the future development of Chongqing, pointed out Chongqing’s huge advantages and how AT&S, largest Austrian investor in China, works locally to help exploit these advantages.

From Dr. Androsch’s presentation, he sees great possibilities for Chongqing to further enhance infrastructure development in areas like finance, transportation, etc. A whole new industrial base, such as electronics or semiconductors can be developed on these service industries. And, Chongqing’s existing manufacturing businesses will become more competitive as they exploit the infrastructure benefits of these upgraded service industries. He also underlined that how vital it is for Chongqing to continuously attract direct investments by leading high-tech enterprises worldwide and invest in talents.

AT&S is committed to sustainable development in Chongqing and will continue to increase its investment in high technology, manufacturing, localization, talent cultivation and corporate social responsibilities. The company will pursue its growth plans in Chongqing, consolidate its industrial leadership, and contribute to the economic development of Chongqing and the western China.

In the conference, Executive Vice Mayor of Chongqing Wen Jie Ming and other Vice Mayors also actively participated.



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