Shengyi Technology Visits German Automotive OEMs

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Representatives from Shengyi Technology recently met with some of the company's German automotive OEM customers in order to further promote various Shengyi laminate materials that are applied to different automotive industry electronic applications. The laminate manufacturer, along with partner Chukoh Chemical Industries, LTD, visited renowned automotive OEMs including Bosch, Hella, Continental and Ruwel.

On this September visit, Shengyi formerly launched their material, SCGA-500 GF77G, which is applied to 77G automotive radar boards. Shengyi also promoted their key products, Autolad1 and Autolad3, which are specifically designed with automotive applications in mind. 

Jack Dong, Chief Executive Director of Shengyi Technology, said, “As a long-term material supplier to our automotive OEM customers, this visit not only strengthened the overall vendor-customer relationship, but also enables our customers to better understand Shengyi's automotive material.”

For more information on Autolad and Shengyi’s additional products visit them at For information about obtaining Shengyi products in the U.S. visit their American distribution partner, Paramount Laminates, at  



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