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Electra Polymers Ltd. is pleased to announce its 30th year of exhibiting at Productronica. Over the past 30 years Electra has seen big shifts in its customer base and the technology within the PCB industry. For Electra, Productronica is the perfect platform to exhibit its innovative new technologies.

This year Electra will be promoting their new rigid and flexible soldermask’s for dual and multi wave direct image (DI) systems. Dual and Multi wave systems have now overtaken single wavelength as the direction of choice for the manufactures of the DI systems.  Electra has used its experience already gained with the single wave systems to design a soldermask that will meet the important needs for a DI soldermask; such as fast exposure, fine feature capabilities and the robustness that is required for the high reliability PCB market.

Also being promoted at Productronica are non-toxic, super white and colour stable soldermask for the LED markets; as well as high definition soldermask tailored to the future needs of the PCB industry.

Since 1984 Electra has been a leader in the development of advanced specialty polymer products for use in the global printed circuit board (PCB) and related Electronics manufacturing industries. Today we provide major PCB and Wafer Level Packaging manufacturers worldwide with polymer resist products. Furthermore, our capabilities in conductive ink technology increasingly reach into the Printed Electronics sector.

Electra welcomes delegates to visit us in hall B1, booth number 126.



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