MorTech Drastically Reduces Cycle Time with New Soldermask Coating System

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MorTech, a leading provider of cost saving, technology based equipment and supplies to the PCB Industry, is now offering the EcoSpray and Fastach Soldermask Coating System (manufactured by Pluritec) which guarantees to drastically reduce the cycle time.

Current cycle time for soldermask coating of small lot jobs--including set-up, coating, oven tack dry and cooling before imaging--typically runs two or more hours. With MorTech’s EcoSpray and Fastach system, this process is reduced to 20 to 30 minutes. EcoSpray coats both sides of the panel in 2 minutes then automatically feeds the FasTach thermal dryer to complete the tack dry cycle in approximately 15 mins.  With EcoSpray’s four spray guns, four different materials can be coated and ready for imaging in less than 25 minutes.

The EcoSpray and Fastach system utilizes no set-ups, has no material waste and can be operated at low labor cost of 25 minutes with minimal operator skills while current processes require 3-4 hours of skilled labor cost and wasted materials with set-up and tear down.

With the EcoSpray and Fastach System, soldermask coating becomes a simplified process, allowing any user to perform multiple jobs with multiple color requirements and little downtime. In just 20-30 minutes, one job is done and moved on to the imaging department, allowing the next job (in different color) to be started and finished in an additional 15 minutes. This process can easily be repeated again and again for maximum efficiency, reducing current production time by 75%.

The EcoSpray and Fastach Soldermask Coating System is now on display at Mortech’s Anaheim-based Distribution Center. Contact Mortech now at 916-473-2140 or to schedule a demo and see how you can reduce your cycle time from 2-3 hours to 20 minutes.

About MorTech

MorTech is a leading provider of cost saving, technology based equipment and supplies. The staff has years of experience in customer support and implementing new technology and engineering processes to North American PCB manufacturers. From implementation of multi-color LPI spray systems, digital color ink jet, or automated and electrical test systems. MorTech is leading the way to lower production costs for customers. For more information, visit


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