Nano System Installs Advanced UV/CO2 Laser Drill at Nova Drilling

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Nano System Incorporated has announced the installation of an advanced UV/CO2 dual beam laser drill at Nova Drilling in Santa Clara, CA. The Model NS1-3228-UC2 machine is equipped with a CO2 laser of the latest technology with over 3kW peak power and a 20 watt UV laser. It features Nano Systems leading edge motion control system, Vector Force DynamicsTM (VFDTM), which delivers fast and accurate routing and drilling of features with complex process tool paths.  Linear motor driven XY stages are featured along with a 28” x 32” panel area and a camera integrated into the laser head coaxially for increased vision speed and greater image position accuracy.

This machine is based on Nano System’s new NS1-3200 laser platform released earlier this year. NS1-3200 series machines utilize state of the art motion control architecture and NC interface technology to control and synchronize laser interpolated firing across multiple axes of motion. This approach delivers up to six axes of freedom to provide unparalleled accuracy for drilling, skiving, trimming and thin film patterning processes. A variety of laser delivery systems including CO2, UV, IR, and Visible (Green) technology can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer’s processes.

“With this new laser system Nova Drilling has greatly enhanced their capabilities to process a variety of high density, micro-miniature applications requiring fast tooling configurations and a high degree of accuracy and productivity.” said Mike Doherty, Vice President of Nova Drilling Service.

About Nano System

Nano System Inc. designs and manufactures standard and customized laser drilling and routing systems at their facility in Manchester, NH. Nano System Inc. is also the North American distributor for Tongtai Machine & Tool of Taiwan, the leading manufacturer of mechanical CNC machine tools in Asia for the PCB and other industries.  For more information on Nano System’s products and services or to schedule an evaluation of a Series NS1-3200 laser machine, contact Sam Sekine, President of Nano System, at More information click here.


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