Nano System installs Tongtai 2-station drill machine at Colonial Circuits

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Nano System Incorporated has announced the installation of a Tongtai Model SD-216B CNC drilling machine at Colonial Circuits in Fredericksburg, VA. This machine is equipped with 160,000 rpm Westwind air bearing spindles and the NSI optical inner layer registration system. Automatic tool change with 300 tools per station; tool diameter, length, and dynamic runout check; and a blind via depth control system accurate to ± 20 microns will provide Colonial Circuits with industry leading capability to fabricate HDI multilayer PCB’s with very accurately placed blind and buried vias and line widths and spacing down to 50 microns.

About Colonial Circuits

Colonial Circuits is currently in its 35th year as a full service manufacturer of high quality circuit boards. The company's 60 dedicated employees serve military, space, and commercial markets from its 40,000 square foot facility in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Colonial's capabilities include rigid, flexible, and rigid/flex, prototype through low volume offering a wide range of technologies including HDI, Blind/Buried vias, laser drilling, micro filled vias, controlled depth drill/rout, sequential laminations, hybrid-constructions/mixed laminates and heavy copper circuitry.  Lead times as short as 24 hours make Colonial a prime choice for the industry's low volume, high reliability needs. For more information click here.

About Tongtai

Tongtai Machine & Tool Company of Taiwan is a leading manufacturer in Asia of precision CNC machine tools for the PCB and other industries. Since 1969 Tongtai has delivered over 100,000 machine tools to industry - over 4500 in the PCB industry with six drill and seven routing models available and airbearing drill spindles up to 300 krpm and ball bearing routing spindles up to 80 krpm.

About Nano System Inc.

Nano System Inc., the North American distributor for Tongtai machines, provides technical support, service, and spare parts for Tongtai machines from facilities in Milpitas, CA and Manchester, NH. In addition Nano System Inc. designs and manufactures standard and customized laser drilling and routing machines at the Manchester facility.

For more information on Nano System’s products and services or to schedule an evaluation of a mechanical or laser machine, contact Sam Sekine at

More information is available here.


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