Coast to Coast Circuits Emerges as a Force to be Reckoned with in the PCB Manufacturing Industry

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Although the name may be new to our partners, Coast to Coast Circuits is no stranger to the industry and brings a magnitude of experience to the table. Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc. is a direct result of the integration of Metro Circuits in Rochester, NY and Speedy Circuits in Huntington Beach, CA with a combined total of over 40 years’ experience manufacturing printed circuit boards. 

With a market that changes as frequently as the PCB market, an opportunity was identified to re-focus the organization and incorporate a new vision for the future of the company. This journey began in 2015 with a complete re-organization, a top to bottom evaluation of the company and its direction moving forward. Supporting their diverse customer base with a focus on technology, advanced processes, and superior service was the precedence and the driving force behind this change.

Walt Stender, CEO of Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc., states, “Our passion as a company is technology supported by service that is enabled by technology. Our technical team(s) helps our customers solve problems. In a market as competitive as circuit board manufacturing, technology and engineering are key especially in niches where high-reliability and extreme flexibility are required.”   

As a company driven by technology and service, Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc. supports a diverse customer base including military, aerospace, defense, medical, rf/microwave, semi-conductor, and other commercial applications. The capabilities supported by this integration include flexible and rigid-flexible circuits, rf/microwave interconnects, high-density interconnects, and include many specialty materials. Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc. also boasts more than 10 years of manufacturing experience with an emerging high performance material technology known as LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer).  Jeff Schmitt, Director of Engineering Services, notes, “We may be a relatively small company; however, we have the most experience with this high performance material.”   

This integration will allow the company to provide enhanced support to our current and prospective customer base by mitigating manufacturing risk with increased flexibility. Stay tuned for additional developmental changes including a re-designed/stream-lined website, increased market interaction, and additional technological developments. In addition, feel free to reach out to the supportive sales team at Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc. to discuss your design and manufacturing options.


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