EIPC Speednews: News from the European PCB Industry

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News from EIPC

- Review EIPC Summer Conference Edinburgh (June 9–10, 2016)

News from Belgium

- Ucamco updates Gerber Nested Step & Repeat Proposal

News from Luxembourg

- Review: Technology development in today’s global environment HDP User Group European meeting, May 25, 2016, Luxembourg

News from Germany

- Invitation to 24th FED Conference “Elektronikindustrie im Wandel - Technologien im Fokus”

News from the UK

- Amphenol purchases a Ledia 3-wavelength Direct Imager from Ucamco

- News from Polar Instruments

- ICT Evening Seminar at the Newtown House Hotel, Hayling Island, September 20

- Event Review: 7th Electronic Materials and Processes for Space Workshop (EMPS-7)

News from the USA

- Taiyo Announces Director & COO appointed to position of President and Director of Taiyo America Inc.

- Huntsman - Araldite Industrial Adhesives Website extends to include North America

News from WECC members

- News from IPC

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Are Regional Differences in PCB Technology as Great as We Think?

05/24/2019 | Denny Fritz, Fritz Consulting
We keep hearing that Asia is all consumer and automotive electronics and North America and Europe are all high reliability/long life. The findings in IPC’s PCB Technology Trends 2018 study show that these regions are not as different as expected, and the differences we do see are interesting.

New Technical Director and Upcoming 2019 EIPC Summer Conference

05/15/2019 | Nolan Johnson and Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
Tarja Rapala-Virtanen is the newest technical director for the EIPC. I-Connect007's Nolan Johnson and long-time EIPC conference attendee Pete Starkey discuss her new role, the upcoming summer conference in Leoben, Austria, and the program in place for the June conference.

Export Controls in Flux

05/09/2019 | Ken Schramko, Senior Director, IPC
U.S. export control rules have changed significantly over the last decade, and more changes are expected as policymakers tackle the treatment of new and foundational technologies and respond to geopolitical developments.

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