Candor Improves Positive Acting Liquid Photoresist Process; Installs ENIPIG Line

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Toronto-based high technology circuit board manufacturer Candor Industries has recently taken steps to improve certain aspects of their fabrication processes. 

The team has improved their rigid-flex manufacturing process utilizing positive acting liquid photoresist allowing them to do via filling on rigid areas. By improving their laminating processes and approaching rigid flex in a novel way they have successfully eliminated several processing steps in the manufacture 4-6 layer rigid flex. The elimination of these steps aligns with their simplified process criteria allowing the following to be available for their customers:

  • 4-6 layer rigid flex can be done in 5 days
  • Even dielectric across rigid areas
  • Via filling capabilities for rigid-flex boards

In addition to the photoresist improvements Candor has also recently installed an ENIPIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Palladium Immersion Gold) line. With the ever rising price of gold, Candor sought out a more affordable alternative to electrolytic nickel gold and electroless nickel electroless gold for their customers that resulted in the ENIPIG installation. Rather than putting 50 micro inches of gold, we put 2-4 micro inches of palladium, saving the customer money. In addition to the price, it also provides the combined benefits of exceptional shelf life, gold wire bondability, solder joint reliability and usage as a press contact surface.

Sunny Patel, Candor’s Technical Sales Manager states, “We’re always seeking new ways to improve our services for our customers.   With these changes we’ve made a two pronged improvement by finding ways to lower costs and provide superior, faster products.”

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About Candor Industries

Since 1999, Candor Industries has provided 21st Century customers with innovative PCB solutions for complex technologies through a commitment to service and support. Limitations created by standard manufacturing methods led Candor to invent and develop certain technological advancements, helping them to emerge in the forefront as a top of the line solutions provider. Candor continues to push the envelope of PCB manufacturing through continuous R&D, helping both customers and the industry to a brighter future. For more information about Candor, visit them on the web at or contact Yogen Patel at (416) 736-6306.



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