A Perfect Cut: LPKF Presents Results of Study on Stencil Quality

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StencilLasers are used for high-precision cutting of holes in thin metal foils. As the leading manufacturer of laser systems for stencil cutting, LPKF Laser & Electronics AG has investigated a large number of quality criteria within the scope of an extensive study. It has now released a tech paper describing these factors and giving tips for achieving the best cutting results.

The cutting of apertures in thin metal foils is not an easy task for laser systems. Luckily, the machine software automatically sets most of the parameters to their optimal values. For special processing requirements, optimization of individual parameters is possible given knowledge about the relevant relationships. "The LPKF StencilLasers process commonly used stencils without the need for extensive process knowledge," remarked Product Manager Florian Roick. "For special processes, specific quality aspects can be emphasized with the help of the LPKF tech paper on stencil quality."

He cites the manufacturing of step stencils as an example: in step-up stencils with reinforcements, sheet metal is applied by spot welding. The process gas, the laser focus position, and the process gas pressure all affect the weld penetration depth and hence the durability of the entire stencil.

The tech paper, entitled "Quality Considerations for Stencil Applications," deals with various application cases and shows the effects of changes in individual process parameters. It is now available for download here.  

About LPKF

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG manufactures machines and laser systems used in electronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector, and the production of solar cells. Around 20% of the work-force is engaged in research and development.



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