TTM Technologies to Exhibit at PCB West

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TTM Technologies, Inc. is pleased to once again be exhibiting at PCB West from September 13 – 15, 2016, in Santa Clara, California. PCB West is an important forum for those in the PCB industry, from design to manufacturing and assembly. This year marks PCB West’s 25th Anniversary and is an event not to be missed. In addition to the highly anticipated exhibition, PCB West offers three days of professional development conferences and workshops, attended by PCB experts from all over the globe.  

“TTM has exhibited at PCB West for many years and played key role in its technical workshops and conferences. It is an annual event we look forward to, where we can network with our industry peers, discuss new trends and standards in technology, and look ahead to the exciting ways the electronics industry is growing and changing with the needs of the various end-market customers we serve,” said Kent Hardwick, TTM’s Senior Vice President of Sales. 

About PCB West PCB West encompasses the entire PCB industry and brings together engineers, designers, fabricators, assemblers and managers to take advantage of unique opportunities to improve skills, increase knowledge and network with experts. 

About TTM Technologies, Inc.

TTM Technologies, Inc. is a leading global printed circuit board ("PCB") manufacturer, focusing on quick-turn and technologically advanced PCBs, backplane assemblies and electro-mechanical solutions. TTM stands for time-to-market, representing how TTM's time-critical, one-stop manufacturing services enable customers to shorten the time required to develop new products and bring them to market. 



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