Candor at the Forefront of Fabrication with Leading-Edge PCB Builds

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Canadian circuit board fabricator Candor Industries continues to be a leader in cutting edge technology with a recent series of progressive board builds. Candor has successfully manufactured a run of two-layer, two-mil core with two-mil line and space, plated via boards with laser cutting.

Candor’s Technical Sales Manager Sunny Patel gave details about the build, “We created a 2-mil space board with 2-mil traces on flex core that was made possible through our extensive photoresist and etching capabilities. Our registration had to be very good due to the size of the board (.270”x.075”) and required laser cutting features that were .031” wide. Our development of 2-mil line and space boards continues and we are excited about working on future projects with equally challenging specs."

In addition to the 2-mil board, Candor also hit a technological milestone with via fills of 0.0066 RO4350B material, achieving 10 mi vias with non-conductive via fill.

Patel added, “Thin panels are generally challenging for conventional via filling machines and systems. We have developed advanced planarizing techniques that will fill these thin panels with one pass. Through these unique techniques, we have reduced the distortion that is often seen with regular processing.”

Looking to the future, Candor continues to improve their skill, process and technology in order to push the limits of PCB fabrication.

About Candor Industries:

Since 1999, Candor Industries has provided 21st century customers with innovative PCB solutions for complex technologies through a commitment to service and support. Limitations created by standard manufacturing methods led Candor to invent and develop certain technological advancements, helping them to emerge in the forefront as a top of the line solutions provider. Candor continues to push the envelope of PCB manufacturing through continuous R&D, helping both customers and the industry to a brighter future. For more information about Candor, visit them here or contact Yogen Patel at (416) 736-6306.



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