Nano Dimension Launches NaNoS Digital Fabrication for Prototyping of 3D-Printed Electronics

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Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading additively manufactured electronics (AME) / printed electronics (PE) provider, announced that NaNoS, its fabrication facility for converting customers’ designs to proof-of-concepts, prototypes and short production runs of high-performance electronic designs (Hi-PEDs) is fully operational in Nano Dimension’s USA HQ in South Florida. The company is expanding similar NaNoS operations for APAC in Hong Kong and for Europe in Israel.

Shortening supply chain emerges as an urgent need of the electronic industry, coming into focus as a result of the current events. Overnight fabrication capability will now be available for North American customers. NaNoS only uses AME and PE, and accordingly it will be a unique service for the needs of a wide range of Hi-PEDs.

One of NaNoS’s first successful orders was prototyping PCBs, used for new breathing-support-ventilators in order to answer the present crisis, demanding fast response and short supply chain. Nano Dimension has successfully printed, overnight, fully functional PCBs for this purpose.

Simultaneously, direct sales, customer care, application engineering support, technical support and accounts-management will be performed by Nano Dimension teams from the new HQ in South Florida. The direct sales channel represents Nano Dimension’s goal to be in interactive ongoing contact with prospects and customers.

“Supporting DragonFly LDM machines’ sales and the new NaNoS is our transition to direct sales channel strategy, now in execution in cooperation with only selected high-quality resellers.  It is aimed to enable us to be swifter in providing optimal solutions for specific needs of prospects and customers for printed electronics,” said Amit Dror, co-Founder and Chief Customer Success Officer of Nano Dimension. “We intend to leverage the recent trends, following the recent events, leading to shortening the supply chains and bringing back production to the United States and Europe. Our DragonFly LDM digital prototyping-fabrication machines are a fast-to-market, ecologically friendly and economically efficient solution to complement or replace low-cost high-volume manufacturers in Asia. The ability to protect IP and electronic designs in-house and economically develop high-mix-low volume production capabilities in a short-supply-chain are an important added value proposition for customers wishing not to be exposed and dependent.” 



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