High Density Packaging User Group Welcomes Chemours as Newest Member

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High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group is pleased to announce that The Chemours Company (Chemours) has become our newest member.

“HDP User Group offers a compelling value proposition. We look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders. As a manufacturer of essential, highperformance fluoropolymer materials that enable many aspects of the electronics industry, we’re very interested in partnering with customers and experts to create the next generation of material advancements for the circuitboard and semiconductors industries. Our focus will be on high reliability, thermal management and 5G challenges”, said Brian Amos, Global Business Development Manager at Chemours.

“It is an honor and a privilege to have Chemours join the outstanding companies working on HDP User Group projects. Their expertise and capability in materials and solutions for electronics will contribute significantly to several of our projects, especially those focused on high-speed signal integrity”, said Larry Marcanti, Executive Director of HDP User Group.



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