Elmatica Expands IT Department

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Digitalization of the supply chain is a vital project for Elmatica and raises the bar for having the best IT developers. 

Elmatica recently increased their IT Department with Junior Developer April Yeats, and is currently searching for another Senior Developer to join the team.

The Needle in the Haystack and the Eager Newcomers

“Meeting April, was an immediate mutual match. We are so happy to have her onboard. Adding juniors to the team is a win-win, they are committed, self driven and eager to learn. Cybersecurity and software development is on everyone's lips these days, thus, the search for experienced candidates within these fields can be as searching for the famous needle in the haystack.”, says IT Manager Robert Kurti.

The demand for experienced juniors within programming has increased in recent years. For Yeats, it was the first meeting with Elmatica that decided where she wanted to put her efforts. 

“The day I turned up for my first interview at Elmatica, I was treated not as a number, but as a person. It became apparent very quickly just from the atmosphere that this was a welcoming community. As I was looking for my very first job in programming, I knew I had a lot to learn, and therefore valued a place that above all else would give me the support to further grow my skills and I felt that Elmatica could give me that”, says April Yeats.

Starting a New Job During a Pandemic

Even if the COVID-situation has affected how often she can meet her new colleagues and get to know the company and the people, the team feeling has never been missing, nor the challenges.

“From the get go, I was made to feel like a part of the team, even though we weren't all able to work in the office together. My immediate team has been extra accommodating to me, and although the first two weeks were a little intimidating, I was met with patience and understanding. I'm excited to continue learning, and to get to know everyone a little better, and embrace all the challenges thrown towards me, and they come daily”, Yeats finishes with a smile.



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