AT&S India Giving Free COVID-19 Vaccinations for Residents of Nanjangud

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AT&S India, the country’s first manufacturer of high frequency and high density interconnect printed circuit boards, which are essential for the true realization of Digital India and Atam Nirbhar Bharat, announced that it will fully cover the cost of COVID-19 vaccinations for two thousand residents from Nanjangud. This public commitment is a reiteration of AT&S India’s unwavering resolve at standing by its neighbors in Nanjangud in their times of difficulty.

The initiative is aimed at safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all population identified by the Government of India with a BPL card living in the Nanjangud area and are part of the neighborhood in which the AT&S India plant is located. The company has been working to ensure the welfare of its neighbors through various CSR programs on health, hygiene and education for many years and has actively contributed to the wellbeing of society in Nanjangud.

RS Simha, Managing Director and CFO, AT&S India Pvt. Ltd. commented on the initiative saying “We are indebted to the people of Nanjangud for having hosted our operations in the area. We always stand by our neighbours during times of difficulties. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to enable the health and safety of the people of Nanjangud by sponsoring COVID-19 vaccinations. We will work out the ways and means of implementation and facilitation for identified BPL cardholding neighbors in partnership with a government approved local health service provider once the vaccine becomes available for the public at large.”

Robert Grobbauer, Director and Chief Operating Officer, AT&S India Pvt. Ltd., added, that, “We care about people is not just a slogan for us but an adage that we always strive to live. To us, the family extends beyond just immediate kin and includes not only our workers but also the neighbors who live in the vicinity of our plant. Just as we wish to care for our own, AT&S India seeks to bring the protective cover of COVID-19 vaccinations to 2.000 residents of Nanjangud, as they have enabled the smooth running of our business operations in their town.”

AT&S India has also recently pledged to give free vaccinations against COVID-19 to all the workers in the Nanjangud factory.



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