14 ‘Business as Usual’ Tips, Part 6

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In this series, Dan Beaulieu will share 14 “business as usual” tips for selling without visiting customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. In Part 6, he shares two tips for taking care of your mental health during these uncertain times.

Tip 11: Get Inspired

Sitting alone in your office when you’re used to seeing all kinds of people every day can get tend to get you down, and feeling low and a bit down is the salesperson’s worst enemy. How can you possibly sell if you are less than avidly enthusiastic? Find ways to lift your spirits. Listen to music and read inspirational books. Do whatever it takes to keep your spirits up. Volunteer to help other people. There is nothing more inspirational and uplifting than volunteering your time to help others. There are a lot of people worse off than us who need our help. You’ll be amazed by how heartwarming it is to help others.

Tip 12: Take a Break

You’re stuck at home, and it’s frowned upon to even go to the grocery store if it’s not necessary. In most places, you cannot go to a restaurant unless it’s a drive-through. What are you going to do? Do something that takes your mind off of work makes you better in the long run. Take a walk, go on a run, cook, paint, read, or meditate—whatever it takes to make you relax and come back to work refreshed and ready for more. These should all be a part of your daily ritual.

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Dan Beaulieu is president of D.B. Management Group.



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